Monday, May 3, 2010

You're a Gem - Dutch artist Anook Cleonne (and it's a give away!!)


The "You're a Gem" pin for you to win!

Flower Drawing by Anook

Flower Drawing by Anook

SORRY dear blogger friends! I know there are promises from my side to report more on Paris and notorious Queensday, but today I make space for wonderful artist Anook Cleonne as I had lunch with her last Saturday. Actually it was supposed to be just a coffee from which we moved to lunch and then to a bottle of white wine :).
Anook is a wonderful artist who graduated cum laude from the prestigious Dutch Art Academy "The Rietveld" and her work is in the collection of various museums. We had great inspirational talks and we could have gone on forever (and we probably will).
Anook recently started the initiative "You're a Gem". A very original gesture/gift to say thank you. She handcrafts wonderful gem pins: a porcelain pebble glazed in real gold, mounted on a silver pin. None of the pins are identical.
And guess what! She has donated a pin as a give away!
Here are the details to ENTER the GIVEAWAY:

• Visit her website Je Bent een Kei  and take a peek (she also has a website on her work but it is in Dutch only)
• Leave a comment in this post letting us know that if you were to win the gem pin WHO you would give it to and WHY

The winner will be chosen on Monday May 10!

To illustrate that Anook is more than the Gem girl I have included 2 images of her fabulous flower drawings which are on my wishlist!


  1. oh sooo pretty!
    Could I keep it fro myself?? hahahaha, or my mom, she would love it, im sure, it would make a great mother's day gift!!

  2. I tried to write on this blog but it did not work..I really need to write something about this beautifull byoux..I just love the simplicity in it and the fact you can give it each day another interpretation...well. that's what I like and use to do with this kind of 'silent beauty's'.
    I think I will offer it to...myself. Sometimes you have the right to be a little bit egoistic. It will give me strenght and energy. That's what I feel when I look at it. Imagine the real touch. Bravo Anook...

  3. I can see why they are on your wish list.

  4. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Compliments to you Anook, for a wonderful idea, and a beautiful interpretation!I know a great person who wold deserve the gem pin, after 15 years of not having been in touch he heard I was in trouble getting me and my stuff to Italy, and he drove me all the way there! That is what I call e REAL FRIEND. Jac

  6. How nice!! I would give it to my roommate who makes lovely paintings as well:)

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. I tried to comment on this post before. I would give it my mother because she inspires me

  9. Although I am a bit late responding, I might still give it a try..... I would give it to my sister in London who I miss so much and because she truely is a gem in my life!



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