Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Art of the Mix

Today some new work was photographed for my upcoming exhibition "The Art of The Mix" at interior design store Eveline Interieur (Bloemendaal, The Netherlands). I just love doing eclectic interiors. Playing with colour and patterns, juxtaposing objects. Painting interior portraits is like therapy. Otherwise I would be reinventing my house every other week!
This painting is done in oils and measures 80x100cm.


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  2. love it and what about framing a detail for a next painting...looks great! Like the detail of the white blossom with the blue graphic framework in the back in the upmost right corner...that's what I meant yesterday when we discuss one painting of you! And what a great cushion...hope it will be a real one one day! X

  3. take a look at 'Wallpaper' by Charlotte Abrahams...great stuff for you! X



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