Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Kate Chaos Files - Spring Flip

My parents have always lovingly called me Kate Chaos. Yes guilty as charged. I am a creative chaotic soul, but once in a while I get the urge to create a new space for myself. At that point the beach towels come out of their hiding place as they are my tools for flipping round my furniture. A trick I learned from my mother. I am only a small girl and when I get the urge it has to be done yesterday and not tomorrow! So when there is no extra pair of hands around I am still able to move even the most impossible piece of furniture such as my oversized Empire cabinet, a family heirloom. Here are some pictures of my Spring Flip. Slowly my space is starting to look habitable again. I will share some more pictures once I have restyled in more detail.


  1. might be a chaos if you say so, but it's really nice!!

  2. ha ha, great...I regonize the spirit to do that but unfortunately I have a very small appartment to turn everything upside down...and a tiny detail...I bought a piano.....a very small piece for my house ;-)!

  3. That's it...I'm packing my bags, heading on over and moving kind of house. And I have a lamp just like one of yours...they can be twins! Or alternatively, I'll just stay here and move my own things around. Great all looks fabulous...can't wait to see more. Have a lovely's almost here on this side of the world x

  4. i just love that large wardrobe it's lovely! I am just like that I used to rearrange my whole bedroom by sunrise, much to the surprise of my mother!!

  5. oh i love know im gonna office space of the day you!!!!!
    especially because i see myself in your photos....

    lets do that giveaway this next week! i will let you know when it happens.
    all my love!



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