Thursday, March 4, 2010

Loot of the Day

Books can be such a source of inspiration. I love to spend time in bookshops browsing and of course I usually end up buying. Today's loot consists of out of some wonderful out of print books. One of the books is the second edition of "Pattern Design" by Lewis F. Day dated 1933. On the inside of the dust jacket it says: "It is a book invaluable to students, describing as it does, the anatomy, planning and evolution of repeated ornament, and showing how designs should be prepared for the manufacturer". Day was a leading pattern designer in his time and I will be proud to be his student!


  1. Leuk je blog te volgen maris en ik heb hier naast mij de elegance waar jij in staat! Ben nu in Seoul, +8 uur tijdsverschil dus ik ga ff je artikel lezen en dan mijn mandje in. Morgen weer terugvliegen naar Amsterdam. Heb je genoemd in mijn blog! you inspired me! X margré

  2. You inspire me too! Lots to share when you are back. X

  3. i hear ya. we ARE so likeminded. i could be in the bookstore for hours!
    thanks for stopping by my blog..
    will be following you now too.

    happy weekend.

  4. Thank you Ashlina. Give me a buzz if you ever plan to visit Amsterdam. I will show you my favourite bookstores.

    You too happy weekend!



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