Saturday, March 27, 2010


Absolutely no time to do a posting yesterday as I was busy hanging my paintings for my exhibition. In my next posting I will share pictures of my work in the setting of the gorgeous interior design store of Eveline Schmitz. For now I will just share some pictures of work that will be on exhibition (I am showing 20 pieces in total).


  1. Hi Mariska, again a super exhibition!!!! couldn't get in time for the opening because came back from Shanghai yesterdag evening! Hope to see you and the boxes soon!!!! Love the two paintings with the chairs!!! till soon, X margré

  2. Hi Mariska. They are incredibly them to bits. Funny, I just posted about the major exhibition on now at the NGA and I would be just as happy to look at your paintings that's for sure!

  3. Oh Mariska...these pieces of artwork are just vibrant and uplifting..I absolutely love them...good luck with the exhibition ...look forward to hearing all about it. :) x

  4. love love love love love! like i really really love.
    i want them all...

    and PS. thanks for the compliments on my new URL, i love it for me too! :)



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