Monday, March 22, 2010

Red vibes

The World of Interiors -Rug by Odegard

 Portrait of Guus Preitinger (the artist's wife) by Kees van Dongen dated 1911

Wallpaper "Japanese Floral" by Florence Broadhurst

I was digging through my "archives" yesterday as I am trying to decide on the colour scheme for my booth at the Dutch "Maison et Objet" in September.  I love strong colours but I can not say that I have one particular favourite. Red is vibrant and warm, but it can be very dominant. However if applied in the right manner it can add the right punch whether it is in interior design, art or fashion.


  1. have you seen the stunning florence broadhurst rugs?

  2. HI Mariska,

    Life is extraordinary! Here I am thinking about (procrastinating!!) starting a new painting with a RED background, and up pops your inspiration! Love your work and love your inspiration - thank you!!
    Have a lovely day,



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