Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Showcasing - Singapore 2005 - Early days

 In this picture: gallery owner Ros Lovell, Dutch ambassador Chris Sanders & the artist

The opening 

It all started in Singapore around the year 2000. On my business card it said "Regional Director Legal & Compliance Corporate Finance". Living in a colonial mansion, travelling, working round the clock. Every time I came back from a trip my head was spinning. So I took up a hobby to relax and empty my head: painting.
I never had any formal art education. I just started, followed my instinct, translating the many impulses my brain received on canvas. Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Mumbai... I strongly believe that I would have gone mad without the escape to my brushes. Friends were supportive and genuinely enthousiastic, started to buy my work and one thing led to the another. In 2005 (still in banking) I had my first solo exhibition in Singapore at Galerie Cho-Lon (which unfortunately closed last year). At that time we had moved back to Amsterdam (via Stockholm). In 2006 I finally dared to jump and quit my corporate job to become a full time artist and designer, blazing my own trail in a world that I am starting discover slowly but steadily.

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  1. Hi, I used to work in Galerie Cho-lon in 2005 in my early undergraduate years. I remember this lovely exhibition of yours and it brings back such fond memories.

    I had such a great time working there because of the alternative atmosphere largely contributed by artists like yourself.

    It's a pity that place has closed down. It came as a shock to me as I had just returned to Singapore from a year overseas. I was really looking forward to see that quirkly place again and to say hi to the wonderful cast there.

    In any case, it's such a pleasure to see this blog and your progress. Your bravery through it all is encouraging. I have something to keep me smiling for the rest of the weekend. Thank you!




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