Monday, March 15, 2010

Reflecting on Imperfection

pictures: brochure Hermitage museum, Red Room by Matisse, Interior Paintings by Mariska Meijers

This weekend I was struggling with my painting. There are days that I see every imperfection in my work. The hairs of my paintbrush that have settled neatly in the dried oils, crooked lines, uneven colouring...On those days I just have to take a step back from my work. It has never been my intention to strive for accuracy in my paintings but on those days I feel that nothing that I do is good enough.
Best remedy in such case is some fresh air and a museum visit. So I hopped on my bike yesterday to visit The Hermitage Amsterdam. Yes! In case you didn't know St Petersburg's Hermitage has a Dutch baby sister. The current exhibition is "From Matisse to Malevich" (until September 2010). Matisse is my absolut hero.  Standing in front of his Red Room with all its  "imperfections" made me smile again.

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