Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Art of Framing

 Orange Blossom Screenprint (limited edition of 50) - click here for the webstore

   Blossom in Lavender Screenprint (limited edition of 50) - click here for the webstore

   Mr Smith's Blossom Screenprint (limited edition of 50) - click here for the webstore

Clients who purchase my limited edition silk screenprints or giclees often ask my advice how to frame it. Framing is very personal. When you go to a gallery the framing is often done on the "safe side" because the gallerist is afraid that unsusal framing will scare off potential clients. For me bold framing is the real deal. I am not afraid of elaborate frames and coloured passe-partouts and I strongly believe that it adds character to my prints.
Here are some examples of how to make a print look stunning (to my opinion that is..).  All prints are available in my webstore  and if budget or space on the wall doesn't allow it I also have clients who frame my cards!


  1. oooh. i love those. and they way they look hung. i especially love that pink framed one in the first photo. you are so great with photography. ;)

  2. they look incredible, great colors and the frames are ideal! Beautiful!

  3. Is that your home? Those top pics? GORGEOUS, am loving the bright color, Mariska. You are so talented, lovely lady!

  4. Perfection - absolutely gorgeous colour selection! The middle one is fabulous, love it.

  5. Hi Mariska,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You have a really gorgeous blog too.... what a talented lady you are! I love your screen prints.

    Love Angela x

  6. This was great! AND I LOVE the name of your blog...LOVE!



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