Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Talented Mr Wiltshire



Usually when I am watching TV  I am easily distracted and divert to other things. But Friday evening my attention was caught by an interview on Dutch television where TV host Ivo Niehe talked to artist Stephen Wiltshire (36). As a child Stephen was mute and diagnosed as authistic. He communicated through drawing and learned to talk at a later age. His work is simply amazing. He draws and paints very detailed city scapes. He is nick-named "The Human Camera".  Besides some images of his work I have included a video, but there is so much more on his own website. I really recommend you to watch his creative process. It is mind blowing and inspiring. Stephen has a gallery in London which will be on my to do list next time I go there!


  1. oh yes I saw something about it, incredible right!?
    great post!
    ps: I looove nutella!!! badly! and if its any comfort, for breakfast I eat brioche filled with choc, every day...

  2. That is so cool Mariska! I love "urban" art, skylines and such. But this is such an inspirational story, fabulous post! LOVE!

  3. Mariska, this is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! Absoluting amaizing mind and talent.

    Art by Karena

  4. Such talent out there isn't there.

  5. I remember seeing a documentary about him when he was a child. He was taken up in a helicopter over London and the proceeded to draw it in such detail after landing. Extraordinary...thanks for the reminder Mariska

  6. So talented! People constantly amaze me with their skills x



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