Friday, April 2, 2010

Women with Passion - Carolle Thibaut Pommerantz


 She wrote a lovely dedication in my copy of her book.



A week or two ago I wrote about my visit to the TEFAF, one of the world's most renowned art and antique fairs. It was a day full of wonderful encounters including one with the passionate, stylish Carolle Thibaut-Pommerantz. Carolle is an art dealer who specializes in vintage wallpapers from the 18th century to the art deco period, as well as fine contemporary artists' wallpaper. Her adventure, as she calls it, with wallpaper began accidentally in 1986 when she walked into an auction house in Paris. "I was dazzled and seduced by the variety of decors and the wealth of colours...". Well so was I when I walked into her booth. One of my absolute favourite pieces was a framed so called "domino" with blue flowers and acanthus leaves. As it happens it is also on the cover of her book WALLPAPER recently published by Flammarion. The book is an absolute must have for everyone who loves interior design. Thank you Carolle for introducing me to your beautiful world of wallpaper.


  1. She looks like a great woman, and there's another book that needs to go on the wish list I think!

  2. Hi Mariska! I just adore wallpaper, and I will definitely check her out. Have a lovely day!



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