Sunday, April 11, 2010

Singapour Mon Amour

They say that Asia gets under your skin and remains in your bloodstream. I was lucky to live in beautiful Singapore for 3,5 years. A regional job with a Dutch bank took me all over the place. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Mumbai...Asia is such a relentless source of inspiration. After every trip I came back to the beautiful colonial house in this photo (with my daughter (age 4 at the time) walking on the lawn). I had my easel on the veranda and after a trip I would paint for hours releasing the many impressions. The house (called a "Black & White") was build by the British in the '30s for their high ranking army staff. I love going back. Looking at this picture I get a bit homesick. It is the place where my creative journey started. Singapour mon amour toujour!


  1. what a beautiful place to live, gorgeous.
    Btw, you can check Lonny Magazine here

  2. What a beautiful home! It sounds as though you had an incredible journey.

  3. I'm a big Singapore fan too, and accessible to Australia! What a beautiful place to create...I can see why you must miss it, and how you've been inspired by it.

  4. You are lucky! I love your blog by the way and will be following :) xx



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