Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspiration: Purple & Yellow

    one of my purple & yellow inspired paintings Blossom & Waves (40x40cm, oil on canvas)

Over Easter the colours purple and yellow have kept me busy. Egg yellow, like in the packaging of Aqua di Parma and deep shades of purple. I simply love their richness. In my files I found some old tear outs  from The World of Interiors showing some interior shots of a house designed by Charles Rutherfoord. Although I have used the colour combination before in my paintings and designs I feel I would like to use them again.


  1. I have purple cushions on my yellow sofas...I love that combination. I need no convincing! Your paintings and cushions are really lovely. I love the intensity of the colours you use. x

  2. love the combination, and Im loving yellow lately so much!

  3. I like that rich purple room with molding on the walls. I'd love a reading room-library like that!

  4. Purple and yellow, love it! So unusual, so regal! Your art is gorgeous as well, of course!



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