Friday, April 23, 2010

Je suis partie a Paris!

Picasso on Louvre's scaffolding (1998)

My son in front of museum Centre Pompidou (2006)

My kids playing at Place des Vosges (THE recommended antidote for Disneyland Paris) (2006)

 My friend Don having his espresso at Cafe Hugo, Places des Vosges (2006)

With friend Lise at Cafe Hugo (2008)

Packing my strappy pink Lanvins...(2010)


Taking the TGV to Paris today. It is spring, I feel like a little dog wildly wagging my tail, because I know I am going to play outside! Staying with lovely friends Lise and Thierry. The schedule is filling rapidly. On my list of must-do's is to visit the first time retrospective of Yves Saint Laurent at the Petit Palais. I remember as  teenager the first ever perfume which I got from my parents was YSL's Rive Gauche. The other must do is Didier Ludot's vintage (couture) boutique in the arcades of the Palais Royal. Other ports of call are Cafe Hugo at Place des Vosges, Hotel Costes for lunch, Bon Marche, Colette...... I could carry on forever. So it might be a bit quiet on my blog over the next few days but bear with me as I will have plenty to show and tell when I am back. In the meantime just a few pictures taken over the years.... a tout a l'heure!


  1. d'oh...that should have said doubly!

  2. Oh Mariska it was torture to read that!! How I wish we could hop on a train to Paris from here. Please enjoy doubling hard for me x

  3. oooh so jealous Mariska! have a great great time!! Bisous a bientot

  4. What fun! If I could smell YSL's rive gauche right now, I know it would transport me to my young teenage years! The Pompidou! The Lanvin! The Cafe Hugo! Tres Jealous! bon voyage...

  5. Dedicated a post on packing for Paris to you today. Living vicariously through you while you're in Paris. P.S Those shoes are to die for.. xo

  6. Wow, wish i could make that little trip too - sounds like a way to spend a few days. You've listed most of my favourite places in Paris!

    have a great time, julesx

  7. Have fun Mariska! Can't wait to hear all about it! LOVE the shoes, btw, so jealous!

  8. Hi Mariska, thank you for the mail. Nice to see your work, I really like it! Your blog is lovely too. /Mia

  9. Omg those shoes are AMAZING- Lucky, lucky you- have a great time!!

  10. wish i could be there. you are the most adorable girl eva! xoxo



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